Jocelyn and I will be at Seattle’s annual Emerald City Comic Con Friday through Sunday next week, March 28th-30th, sharing a table with the  “Unnamable” Aaron Alexovich. If you too will be going to the place that is exactly like everywhere else except not as brightly lit, why not seek us out in Artist Alley, space E-02.  It would be great to share moments of existence with you. We’ll have copies of ELDRITCH!, stickers, never before seen prints, and unusually inaudible conversation.

Also, I’ll be doing “SPOOK-EH-DOODLES”,  $20 simple one character sketches  done on  8 1/2 x 11 toned paper  using the power of the ghosts that live only in my mind.  And possibly a pencil.  Limited availability, so find me early if you want one.

Oh, and if you managed to snag one of those OFFICIAL 2014 MONSTERS AND DAMES books, I did a piece in there so bring it over so I can see you holding it in your hands like a real person would. I’ll even sign it with my signature. My OFFICIAL signature, I mean.  That would be swell of you!